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Blockchain business

Blockchain: The Insurance Industry’s Secret Weapon for Innovation and Growth

Ah, the insurance industry. It’s like that uncle you only see at family gatherings necessary, but not particularly exciting. Well, that’s about to change. Enter blockchain technology, a revolutionary innovation that has the potential to transform the insurance industry as we know it. The insurance industry has been yearning for a revolution, and it seems […]

Ashish Verma 
Blockchain business

Blockchain: The Next Frontier for Banking?

When blockchain technology was introduced, it was believed that it would revolutionize various sectors, including healthcare, supply chains, and even democracy. Unfortunately, initial experiments fell short of these expectations, and industry interest in blockchain use cases diminished. However, the recent shift in the U.S. government’s attitude towards blockchain and cryptoassets presents an opportune time for […]

Ashish Verma 
Blockchain business smart contracts

Blockchain: The Supply Chain Disruptor You Need to Know About

In today’s globalized economy, supply chain management plays a crucial role in ensuring efficient and seamless operations. However, it is plagued with several challenges and inefficiencies. Enter blockchain technology – the revolutionary solution that has the potential to transform the way supply chains are managed. From enhanced transparency and traceability to streamlined financing processes, blockchain […]

Ashish Verma 
Blockchain Ethereum Marketplace NFT smart contracts

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Create NFT Marketplace on Ethereum

Since the emergence of NFTs, individuals, businesses, celebrities, and artists have gained the ability to directly sell their products, sidestepping intermediaries and securing a significant portion of the total payment. Despite being closely associated with modern digital landscapes, non-fungible tokens hold intriguing potential within traditional trade scenarios. The process of establishing ownership and provenance during […]

Ashish Verma 
Blockchain smart contracts

A Comprehensive Guide to Smart Contract Audits

Introduction Blockchain technology has changed the way we communicate, providing a decentralized, immutable, and transparent system. At the heart of this technology are smart contracts, self-executing contracts that get things done without the need for a middleman. While smart contracts bring unmatched efficiencies and security to businesses, they are not impenetrable. In fact, they are […]

Ashish Verma 
eCommerce Integration

How to choose the best Multi Channel eCommerce Integration Software?

There are enormous ways that an organization can succeed or fail with its decisions. And making an appropriate decision could be a really hard job. Enterprise progress through their decisions in perfect corners. With the help of Multi-Channel eCommerce integration Software, an enterprise can gain cost-effectivity that in turn would enhance efficiencies. There are innumerable […]

Ashish Verma